My Story

Having suffered personal illness and unsuccessful Allopathic treatment, I made it my mission to find out more about Holistic approaches to healing. This journey has led me to gain numerous qualifications that allow me to provide professional, individualised care to animals and their human companions.                                                     

Animals bring me so much joy and companionship, which is why I chose to extend my practice dedicated to offering alternative therapies for caring for an animals optimal health and empowering owners.

Natural is at the centre of my ethos, simply because it is the safest form of remedy. The therapies I provide are primarily restorative; helping to fortify your pets against current and future illness through toxin-free care.

 Effective treatment should align all aspects of the self and as such I feel it’s important that I work alongside vets and adhere to the Veterinary Surgeons Act to ensure that the care delivered is completely successful.

Annie Smith



  • Applied Herbal Choices for Animals
  • Canine Behaviour for Safer Handling
  • Understanding Canine Stress
  • Practical Handling & Anatomy
  • Understanding Horses
  • Shoden Reiki Master- Animals and People
  • Integrating Muscle Testing into Animal Therapies
  • Photo-Therapy for Animals